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My name is Andrew and this is my blog. I suppose I should start off with something useful other than a Hello World post, so I’ll talk about the blogging software that I’m using: Jekyll, specifically a modified clone of _layout. I’m sure the modifications will only grow more as time goes on. Let’s play with some markdown syntax…

I chose Jekyll because * I enjoy the idea of statically serving my site * I can setup git post-hooks to automagically regenerate the site * of my affinity towards Ruby

Let’s try out some pygments syntax highlighting. Here is the command I used to delete the example posts:

find . -type f -name "*example*" -exec rm {} \;

I suppose we should talk about what this does, since find seems to be the most under used (by newer users), yet powerful *nix utilities ever.

find .            \ # search this directory and subdirectories
-type f           \ # search for only files (don't include directories)
-name "*example*" \ # only get files with the word example somewhere in them
-exec rm {}       \ # remove each file returned
\;                  # syntax to tell exec that we are done


Hopefully by the time you read this post the code will be in monospace, can’t seem to figure out why my changes to the css haven’t shown up.


So, monospace is fixed and a bug with the code alignment on widescreens is fixed as well. I’m glad that I let _layout do the heavy lifting.