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Concrete to Abstract Semantics

Concrete CESK for Android’s Dalvik

Implementing a more powerful Regular Expression Engine in 3 Languages

On Static Program Analysis

Static Analysis of Android: Introduction


Full Beta Reduction

On Our Way to Reduction: Implement Substitution

On Our Way to Reduction: Substitution

On Our Way to Reduction: Free Variables

Z-Combinator and Factorial in Perl

Church Encoding: Recursion, Z-Combinator and Factorial

Church Encoding: Converting to Primitives

Church Encoding: (In)Equality and Lists

Multi-Argument Handling Through Currying

Church Encoding: Boolean, Numerals and Arithmetic

The Untyped/Pure Lambda Calculus

Safe Languages and Dynamic Checking

More on Ambiguous CFGs

Ambiguous Context-Free Grammars

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